One day when I was sitting all alone in my room and my eyes stuck on a novel which was based on the gambling. I went through that till evening and was curious to play it also. I went for it through online pokies and fond many suggestions. As I was the student of science I went for the game which was based on the terminology related to that was Astronomical Pokies. It is featured with single line of pay with three reels and designed with the help of micro-gaming with some look of retro. This is also said to be the classical one as it contains single lines of pay.

This is totally different from any other which you would have tried such as that it does not have any wild scattered symbols; there is no option of side bets, no bonus, and not any opportunities of free spins. Exclusion of all these does not mean that it is of an old fashioned type. The feature which will keep an interest in you is that the logo of the game is itself is the wild symbol. The logo itself will help you to win by making the combos or quadruple. The symbols which are mainly found this one is the logo, certain stars, with some bars, image of the planet etc. After completing some of the stages you enter in the biggest round which is of jackpot which is being activated when you match out three symbols in the reels. The next largest wins come when the player lines up three planet symbols.

I was fortunate that I was performing well by using the skill and one most important to precede with handsome win the luck, in which I lacking. I won many prizes and some amount of real cash too which made me very happy. It is one of the best for the new comer to make a start with by going through the tutorials provided. I would like to suggest the readers that go for it if you have spare part of time rather than making it in habit of making real capital.