It was Saturday night and I had nothing to do, the weather was stormy and I couldn’t go outside to have fun and there was nothing good on TV, my girlfriend was on a business tour and I had nobody even to talk. Then I came to remember that there is a group of students who live right near my apartment, so I decided to get to know them and have some fun as well.

When I got there, there were three of them and all were busy with their mobile phones. And one of them opened the door after I rang the doorbell around 4 times. Then all the chit chat get going for some time and I finally asked about the mobile thing. Actually one of them was just talking to me and others were still busy. Then he stated me what they were doing, actually they were playing games on the android phones. I was curious too to know about it` so I told him to make me aware of it.

His name was mark, was doing a journalism course and was pretty good at it. Very first he just stated me the rules and all, and let me just see him playing for an hour or two. After that he told me to play this easy slot game called “Bar Bar Black Sheep”. He also told me that it’s a perfect game for beginners, and that’s what I was. It is a three reel, one payline, and three coin slot machine. The game was quite simple and easy to follow. Even the graphics were also good and simple didn’t make me confuse at any part. And now I feel like playing it again and surely do in future in my leisure time.