Last year when I was in Russia on a picnic trip I had a car accident there which spoiled my whole trip. I was totally disappointed with this because my leg was broken. After many years I was with my whole family to have fun but it was of no use. It was too tough for me to go through the day, some friend of mine recommended me to play some pokies online when he saw how bored I was. My loneliness forced me to go through and I found a game which helped me a lot to get rid of my boring day which was Spectacular WOW. I used to get so into it to the extent that sometimes I even missed to have my medicines!

It is a 3 reel slot and single line of play which is somehow a combinational game with another one which is also good to go with. It is better than the previous edition with certain changes like there is no such gain in the form of bonuses. This one have the most number of jackpot coins, the count of the coin is about 5000. As I was the beginner of this world I didn’t found any difficulties, if you will make a thorough read of the user guide and the rules you are not going to find kind of difficulties. I enjoyed a lot and won many prizes and sometimes even cash too which made me to feel that I was in real casino.

The main strategy to be followed is to make a right combination of the wild symbols in the slots. I was fortunate that I was much better in making the combination and choosing the symbols at right time. Even after recovery I use to visit this daily whenever I feel bore or get some extra time. You should try this as it provides a huge number of free spins after signing up.